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We Sell New and Refurbished Barcode Printers

Direct Barcode Printer Repair has been your leading provider of barcode printers for over 30 years. Whether you need a small barcode printer for your shop’s shipping needs or an industrial barcode printer for massive shipping and labeling operations, we’ve got what you need.

But we don’t just sell you new and refurbished machines – we build lasting relationships that keep you coming back to us for all your related needs. That’s because we focus on listening to you and solving your problems with the best equipment and parts.

New Barcode Printers

As a new barcode printer supplier, we sell industry-leading brand names right out of the box. If you’re looking for something special, we can add custom features to our new printers. Plus, we can handle all the services or repairs you’ll need for the lifetime of your new printer!

Sato Printers

Honeywell Printers

Zebra Printers

Sato Printers

Honeywell Printers

Refurbished Barcode Printers

We take great care with our refurbished barcode machines so you can feel confident purchasing from us. These options are less expensive and excellent for businesses with minimal barcode printing needs or more extensive operations looking for a backup printer.

Zebra Printers

Sato Printers

Datamax Printers

Intermec Printers

What Steps Go Into Refurbishing Our Barcode Label Printers?

Our refurbishing process is extensive because we want to ensure every label printer we sell will work for you. A few steps involved in our refurbishing process include:

-Painting the exterior

-Testing all the significant parts and functions

-Changing the printheads and, if applicable, the brushes

-Replacing the drive rollers


-Adjusting printheads for the customer’s unique needs

-Running post-refurbishing tests for quality assurance

When you buy a refurbished printer, you’ll receive a stack of labels printed with that specific model. This will help you see what kind of labels the machine can print based on our post-fixing tests.

A close-up of someone fixing a barcode printer

Benefits of Choosing Us as Your Barcode Printer Supplier

When you choose Direct Barcode Printer Repair for your needs, you benefit from over thirty years of experience working with only barcode printers. We specialize in this type of printer machine alone, so we know everything there is to know about them.

Besides our extensive experience working specifically with barcode printers, you’ll also get:

-All your questions answered by a real person, never a machine

-A lasting professional relationship that makes you feel like a valued customer, not a dollar sign

-Quick and efficient turnaround on all your orders

-Clear and open communication

-A trusted source for the answers to all your barcode label printer questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I buy a new barcode label printer?

A new barcode printer is a great choice for companies with high demands or who need a unique feature added to their printer. New printers generally last longer than refurbished options and hold up to heavier use. However, they do cost more.

When should I buy a refurbished barcode label printer?

A refurbished barcode machine is an excellent choice for a backup printer when your primary goes down. This way, your operations never have to stop completely. Small businesses with few label printing needs who want to save money could also benefit from a refurbished model.

What does “refurbished” barcode machine mean?

Refurbished is just a fancy word that means “used and fixed.” These printers were broken or replaced, and we’ve gone in to make them like new again.

Why do you need a special machine to print barcodes?

Special printers are used because barcodes (and QR codes) must be crisp and legible enough for scanners to read them. A typical computer printer won’t do this.

How long does it take to receive a barcode printer order?

If the barcode machine or part you purchased is already in stock, we’ll ship it as soon as possible! If your machine is a special order, we’ll act quickly to get it to you, so your business operations don’t suffer.

Will a small barcode printer work for my needs?

That depends on your needs. If you’re unsure what type of barcode printer will work best for you, we recommend contacting an expert who can help.

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